13 acres featuring open gathering spaces, an amphitheater and conference center
32 acres that include outdoor activities: fitness circuits, ropes courses, climbing walls, and sport courts
12 acres with a fitness trail equipped with outdoor exercise equipment and water features
23 acres with contemplative gardens and shaded spaces for treated and recovering patients.
14 acres designed to be therapeutic and help promote a calm, meditative state of mind.
23 acres with playgrounds and adventure activities
12 acres and includes opportunities to interact with water through wading, swimming, fishing

Wellspring Park began with a vision—one in which connections to the natural world lead to improved health and wellness for City of Goodyear residents and those served by nearby medical facilities. This vision transforms an empty two-mile-long strip of land adjacent to an urban freeway into a world-class regional health and wellness park.


noun  well·spring \ˈwel-ˌspriŋ\
a source of continual supply | wellspring of information

In July, 2017 the Goodyear City Council unanimously approved the conceptual plan for Wellspring Park. Elicited through a series of public engagement meetings and an online survey, the ideas contained in the Wellspring Park Conceptual Master Plan are from residents, businesses and community leaders.

Click here to open a PDF of the approved Wellspring Park Conceptual Master Plan

The design for the park is around the central theme of mind, body and soul with seven distinct geographic areas of the space dubbed ‘precincts’. The precincts each have a central theme to support its development. With this Park, the City of Goodyear will create an urban center that puts community health and wellness in the forefront of making a community that is vital, comprehensive, and remarkable.

Foremost, it is a vision for an inclusive park that equally serves those who are fit, those who want to get fit, individuals trying to regain their health, and those with challenges. The goal for the park to be a source of health and wellness led to the name Wellspring, which means “an original and bountiful source of something.”

Wellspring Park will be built along the Interstate 10 between Dysart Road and 145th Avenue. The park’s stakeholders are committed to making this site an environment that people will find helpful, hopeful, and inspirational―causing them to return to again and again because it is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced or imagined.


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